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Ubuntu budgie use the desktop of the Solus OS. Solus seems interesting but i’ve to admit that i’m used to ubuntu and all Debian derivatives, which are always stables releases.

Budgie is designed for the computing experiences of modern users. Its display presents users with a simple and elegant design. It has a plain and clean style: it’s easy to use.

The Budgie desktop is not a fork of any other desktop project. Its designers planned for an easy integration into other distros, and it is an open source project in its own right.

Ubuntu Budgie strictly enforces the simplicity rule. Even the settings panel and the desktop right-click menu are neat and clean.

According to Distrowatch, it ranks at the 69th position, which is quite not bad for a relatively new distro !

I’m currently using the 18.04 LTS version, and it’s really stable and pleasant ! Take a look at this presentation made by linuxscoop