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This idea is not new… Many scientists and experts have aldready discussed the fact that we’re probably living in a simulation. Just one moment, can you image that? Everything you see, you do, you feel… would be in only 0 and 1. That sounds incredible but think about it seriously .

If i’m not wrong, from everything i’ve red so far, no one is really sure that we aren’t living in a virtual world. Untill now, many studies have been conducted on this topic: it hasn’t been scientifically proven that we are living in a virtual world or either in a real one.

A simulation of the whole universe would required a lot of computing power.

The idea has already been developped in sci-fi books and movies (Matrix, eXistenZ, Ready Player One, Total Recall…), and even video games (The Sims, Second Lifre) hundreds of times… sometimes Humans create the virtual world.

Rich Terrile ( director of the Center for Evolutionary Computation and Automated Design at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laborator) has discussed the theory that the human experience can be boiled down to something like an incredibly advanced, metaphysical version of The Sims.

The essence of Rich’s theory is that a “programmer” from the future designed our reality to simulate the course of what the programmer considers to be ancient history—for whatever reason, maybe because he’s bored.

You can read more about this theory here.

If you’re interested in this concept, the Kurzgesagt channel has published a great video: