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I wanted to retrieve infos from the Pokemon’s database. Here is a little python script that will get the basics infos of each pokemon on the main page and then will follow specific links to retrieve more advanced statistics.

"""get all pokemons' names & infos from the web page https://pokemondb.net and all its links,
 then save results in a csv file for later analysis with a jupyter notebook"""

import os, requests, pickle, html5lib
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup

BASE_URL = 'https://pokemondb.net'
file_name = 'scraped_pokemon_page.pickle'
# all parsed infos = columns' names of the csv file

def scrape_general_page(base_url):
    """Scrape the web page with general infos on all pokemon then if succeed, write a binary file for later use
    receive a URL - return request's result """
    if not os.path.exists(file_name):
        result = requests.get(base_url + "/pokedex/national")
        assert result.status_code == 200, print(f'Attempt to retrieve web page failed - result code {result.status_code}')
        with open(file_name, 'wb') as f:
            pickle.dump(result, f)
        with open(file_name, 'rb') as f:
            result = pickle.load(f)
    return result

def create_bs4_object(result):
    """Receive a request's result & return a created bs4 object for parsing infos"""
    return BeautifulSoup(result.content, 'html5lib')

def get_gen_infos(ic):
    """Receive a specific infocard & return general infos parsed"""
    id_nb = ic.small.get_text()
    name = ic.find_all('a')[0].get_text()
    link = ic.find_all('a')[0]['href']

    types_list = ic.find_all('a')
    if len(types_list) == 2:  # case of only 1 type - because include the name
        type_1, type_2 = ic.find_all('a')[1].get_text(), 'Nan'
    elif len(types_list) == 3:
        type_1, type_2 = ic.find_all('a')[1].get_text(), ic.find_all('a')[2].get_text()

    return id_nb, name, type_1, type_2, link

def get_stats(soup):
    data_species = soup.find("th", text="Species").next_sibling.next_sibling.string
    data_height = soup.find("th", text="Height").next_sibling.next_sibling.string.split()[0]
    data_weight = soup.find("th", text="Weight").next_sibling.next_sibling.string.split()[0]
    data_abilities = soup.find("th", text="Abilities").next_sibling.next_sibling.a.text
    training_catch_rate = soup.find("th", text="Catch rate").next_sibling.next_sibling.text.split()[0]
    training_base_exp = soup.find("th", text="Base Exp.").next_sibling.next_sibling.text
    training_growth_rate = soup.find("th", text="Growth Rate").next_sibling.next_sibling.text
    breeding_gender = soup.find("th", text="Gender").next_sibling.next_sibling.text
    stats_hp = soup.find("th", text="HP").next_sibling.next_sibling.text
    stats_attack = soup.find("th", text="Attack").next_sibling.next_sibling.text
    stats_defense = soup.find("th", text="Defense").next_sibling.next_sibling.text
    stats_sp_atk = soup.find("th", text="Sp. Atk").next_sibling.next_sibling.text
    stats_sp_def = soup.find("th", text="Sp. Def").next_sibling.next_sibling.text
    stats_speed = soup.find("th", text="Speed").next_sibling.next_sibling.text
    stats_total = soup.find("th", text="Total").next_sibling.next_sibling.text
    return data_species, data_height, data_weight, data_abilities, training_catch_rate, training_base_exp, \
           training_growth_rate, breeding_gender, stats_hp, stats_attack, stats_defense, stats_sp_atk, stats_sp_def, \
           stats_speed, stats_total

def parse_infocards(soup, pokemon_infos):
    """Receive the bs4 object of the main page, parse all infocards and call others func to retrieve infos
    Return a coma separated string of the whole db"""

    # get a list of all infocards
    infocards = soup.find_all("span", class_="infocard-lg-data text-muted")

    # write headers / columns' names
    with open('pokemon_db.csv', 'w') as f:

    # write infos line by line
    with open('pokemon_db.csv', 'a') as f:
        for ic in infocards:
            gen_infos_list = list(get_gen_infos(ic))
            ic_infos = "\n" + ";".join(gen_infos_list)

            # request for linked page to get specific stats
            r = requests.get(BASE_URL + gen_infos_list[-1])
            if r.status_code != 200:
                ic_infos += ";Nan" * (len(pokemon_infos) - len(gen_infos_list))
                other_soup = BeautifulSoup(r.content, 'html5lib')
                stats = list(get_stats(other_soup))
                ic_infos += ";" + ";".join(stats)


def main():
    result = scrape_general_page(BASE_URL)
    soup = create_bs4_object(result)

    pokemon_infos = """id_nb;name;type_1;type_2;link;data_species;data_height;data_weight;data_abilities;training_catch_rate;
    training_base_exp;training_growth_rate; breeding_gender;stats_hp;stats_attack;stats_defense; stats_sp_atk;stats_sp_def;

    parse_infocards(soup, pokemon_infos)

if __name__ == "__main__":